Paper Paradise

Friday, November 30, 2007


Yet another clipboard. Only 2 more to go. :)

March Calendar Page

Looks like Easter and St. Patrick's Day is going to be held in March this year. It seems funny to have them one week apart!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Candy Bucket For Teacher

I made this tonight for one of my daughters teachers for her to take to school tomorrow. But the more I think about it I am wondering should I just wait and give it as a Christmas gift. What do you think? Should I wait and use it as a Christmas present? This was one of the buckets that I altered at Halloween for the girls to take trick or treating. The handle broke on one side but it's still usable. It's so tempting to keep this! Why is everything so tempting to keep for myself? LOL I filled it with candy canes, hersey kisses and suckers.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Calendar Project Oct/Nov

I finished the October and November calendar pages tonight. I messed up on October's numbers. (yikes) Oh well. It's homemade what can you expect? haha! I don't have the best hand writting to begin with and I was using a calligraphy pen. It's the thought that counts right? (wink) It's so tempting to keep this for myself. I'm sooo scared I'm going to mess up! There isn't any extra pages if I do! Let's hope for the best! I'm wondering if I should add eyelets to the holes? But I'm thinking if I do that it might mess it up and I dont want to take that chance! The tiny eyelets usually work right everytime but I'm not sure the small eyelets will be big enough. Atleast I have a month to decide that.

I hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I sure did! I enjoyed my week off from work! It was HEAVENLY! I'm dreading going back tomorrow! But atleast I have Christmas to look forward too! Hopefully it will make the time pass by quickly!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Here is the calendar that I've been working on for my MIL. It's going to be here christmas present this year. But it's really tempting to keep it for myself. :) I stamped Jan and Feb with some foam stamps that came in a Lisa B. Kit. It's the first time that I have used them and I really like them. I'm not quite finished with Feb. I want to add some more stuff to it b.c. I think it looks plain. I'm uploaded some photos now to be printed. Hopefully I'll finish it by Christmas. (wink)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Felt Buckets

Arent these the cutest little buckets ever? I found these at Target this weekend in the $1 Spot! I looooove them!! I bought 2 of each one. I'm going to fill these with cookies and candies to give to the people I work with. I just luv em! LOL

Altered Starbucks Bottles

I altered these frap bottles today. I think they turned out really cute, considering this was my first time making them! :) I'm going to fill these with candy and give it to one the girls teachers for Christmas. I have one more set to do. TFL

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~To Claire~

Claire, I dedicate this song to you! I hope that you know that I am thinking and praying for you and your baby everyday! May God Keep this baby safe and sound!

Many MANY HUGS to you!

Altered Clipboard

Here is another altered clipboard that I made for a teachers gift. I really love the colors how it blends in with the brown board. One side is coming up so I'll have to reglue that. If anyone has any tips on how to do that please let me know! I have 4 more to go. I need to go restock on my adhesives. uh.

Homemade Knife

My hubby is so talented! He made this knife last week to sale to one of his friends. He knapped the arrowhead and attached it to the deer antler. He made the case out of deer skin that he smoked himself. He is sooo talented when it comes to this stuff!! I think it's really cool!

Mail Call

Finally!!! I've been waiting on this magazine for ages! :) I'm so happy to see it finally come in the mail today! It was well worth the wait b.c. I received 2~ WOOHOO! I can't wait to crawl into my cozy little bed tonight and read them!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Wish List

Oh there are so many things that I would LOVE to have for Christmas this year! Let me see. Where to start? :)

a die cut machine
a jump drive
a new vacuum cleaner
a carpet cleaner
some scrapping goodies (of course) wink :)
a fleece blanket
a photo editing program
a new laptop (wishful thinking)
new carpet for my home (still dreaming here)
a new paint job for my home (by a pro)
new clothes

There are more! I'll add them later!

Photo Editing Program

I need a good photo editing program! There are so many out there and I don't even know where to begin looking! Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have a ton of money to invest in one b.c. of the holidays coming up. Any suggestions? TIA

My Princesses

My two little princesses. We got all dressed up for Halloween and of course I had to take a ton of pics before we left for the evening. They were so tired of posing by the time it was all over with :)