Paper Paradise

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby Boy Paper Bag Album

I've already sold this paperbag album on etsy so it looks like I'll have to do another. But I've gotta be honest here, it's soooo hard for me to make little boy things b.c It's just not in me! :(

I love little boys but I it's hard to scrap with only blues and plain colors! LOL You can't really add pretty ribbons and flowers like you can with girly things!! Any tips for the next one anyone??!! LOL Have a WONDERFUL Weekend everyone!!

A few new things to share

I've been really busy this week!! The school year is coming to a end (HAPPY DANCE) and I've been busy with the youth group, work, kids, and making stuff for my new etsy store. My husband talked me into trying to sell a few of my things so I did just that! I must admit though, it's just like having a second job and I feel pressured to make everything perfect. But before I didnt care to much if it was perfect or if I made a mistake. lol Funny huh?!

So far I've sold 5 things and it's exicting to know that someone ACTUALLY wanted my stuff!

I think these cards turned out super cute. I hope I dont sound like I'm bragging. I sanded the paper with a sanding block and it looks sooo cool! I'll be using that techinque again!! :) The paperbag school day mini album turned out so cute! I used my Mike $1.oo Stamps!! They are super cute! I wished I had more of them! And believe me I would if I lived closer to a mikes! LOL

I'm so exicted! In a few more weeks I'll be free to sleep late, scrap all day if I want, hang out with my kids in the pool, take mini day trips to fun places and much much more!! Can you tell I'm ready??!!
PS Sorry about the order of the pictures!! ;)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Cards

A couple of new cards that I made last night!! I wasn't really up to the online crop at AMR yesterday b/c I was busy cleaning and cooking and spending time with the family! I cleaned my scrapbook room and made room for my husbands stuff too! He is happy.

Well ladies I finally did it! I've been wanting to do this for a long time now! I opened a Etsy store. Please feel free to check it out HERE Please let me know what you think! I want to know your thoughts on this... good and bad! Please critique me! Do I need to add or change anything? Don't be afraid!
I've been making stuff a little along and wanted to do a craft fair but they are kind of pricey around here. It's just something fun for me to.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Single and Looking

I promised my husband's friend Brent last weekend that I would try and hook him up with a "good ole country girl!" :) So ladies...There he is on the left. He is sooooo sweet and good looking! All I can say is, if I wasn't finish that thought! ;)

We had a total blast last weekend in North Georgia at the knap-in! There was over 30 vendors! The girls threw the atlatl (it's a long spear that you use this wooden device to shoot with) and got into the competition. They only need to shoot one more time and they qualify for the world championship! They are so exicted! You can learn more about it here The girl in their class last year won with 26 points. Get this! Lacey scored 42 and Haley scored 36!! That's awesome!!