Paper Paradise

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A few new things to share

I've been really busy this week!! The school year is coming to a end (HAPPY DANCE) and I've been busy with the youth group, work, kids, and making stuff for my new etsy store. My husband talked me into trying to sell a few of my things so I did just that! I must admit though, it's just like having a second job and I feel pressured to make everything perfect. But before I didnt care to much if it was perfect or if I made a mistake. lol Funny huh?!

So far I've sold 5 things and it's exicting to know that someone ACTUALLY wanted my stuff!

I think these cards turned out super cute. I hope I dont sound like I'm bragging. I sanded the paper with a sanding block and it looks sooo cool! I'll be using that techinque again!! :) The paperbag school day mini album turned out so cute! I used my Mike $1.oo Stamps!! They are super cute! I wished I had more of them! And believe me I would if I lived closer to a mikes! LOL

I'm so exicted! In a few more weeks I'll be free to sleep late, scrap all day if I want, hang out with my kids in the pool, take mini day trips to fun places and much much more!! Can you tell I'm ready??!!
PS Sorry about the order of the pictures!! ;)


Jen said...

You do such an amazing job on those paper bag albums!!! I just love them both!!!

Have a wonderful day!!! :)