Paper Paradise

Friday, July 29, 2011

Homemade Washi Tape

 I made my own washi tape today!! It was really easy! I just laid out some masking tape onto some wax paper the whole length of my table. I painted several colors. I let it dry about 20-30 minutes and then stamped on each one. Then I cut them out and rolled them up. Super easy!
Very helpful video!


Cathy saw this project in the paper creations magazine and asked if I could make it. It's very pretty and glittery but wow, this was kind of tough and time consuming. whew! But I'm glad I tackled it because it is very pretty! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Junk/Trash/Smash Journal

It's been raining here, so I've been couped up in my scrapbook room playing for hours on end. I had made plans to make cards but after watching some videos on youtube, I decided to make some junk journals. The idea behind it, is to use all of your scraps! {Which I love} Brilliant idea, because we all have tons of scraps! Whenever I create, I always go for my scrap pile first because I have to be very economical nowadays. I ended up making 3 journals! :) I will share the others later.

I used a transparencies for the front and back covers.

I cut a vellum envelope and used some of my smash products that I bought at Archivers the other day. I bought the pen, tabs, large and small pockets. I wanted a smash album but they were all sold out.

The other day I used the last bit of Zatarain's seasoning mix {we buy it in bulk at SAMS CLUB} so I washed out the container and put my ribbon scraps in it. I love it!

Here are a couple of video's that I liked on youtube.

happy scrappin'

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo Tray

We played in the shack today! This is one of the projects that I worked on and actually finished. I was really motivated for a while and then it dissipated. :) I used an old Lisa Bernson kit that I won from Creating Keepsakes years ago. I really miss being on that message board. I used to live on it. But once I went back to work, I no longer had the time to keep up. :) 

happy scrappin'

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The canvas that my daughter done for her room. I am so proud of her. She's very crafty and is now starting on her very own smash album. I'll post some picture's when she's done.

I took all the free idea pamphlet's that I always collect from Hobby Lobby and made a little book out of them. I'm tellin' ya, I am having a crazy, fun time with this bind it all. Can't ya tell? :))

 For the pages that are trifold, I took the the third page and folded it out a little bit so I could punch the holes. Easy peasy.
Below are most of the handmade cards that Cathy has given me through the years. And once again.  I made the cutest little book. :-}


Happy Scrappin'

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cricut Fun

Two post in one day but what can I say?! I am really excited that the new CTMH catalog that is coming out!! Here is a sneak peek from them about the new cricut cart that exclusive to CTMH! I am in {love}!

My next project! The Photo Tray from Hobby Lobby! Can't wait to get started! :)

Happy Scrappin

I {heart} bind it all!

I won a set of chipboard and inner pages from the bind it all blog! I am a happy girl today!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I found the neatest blog last night! I was searching online for scrapbook layout sketches that are printable and found the coolest website PENCIL LINES  YAH!!! I am so excited! She has all of the sketches as PDF files and so I printed them all off this morning! I changed the setting where I could print two pages on one to save paper and ink. I printed off 21 pages. 

happy printing :)

Scrapbooketc also has printable sketches. They have them organized by sizes, one picture, or many pictures, one page, two page. etc. It's really handy. I haven't printed these off yet but I will get to it today!

Edited to add: My scrappin' buddy Sally sent me a link to another great site for sketches!! Thanks Sally!
Who needs to buy sketch books when they have tons of free printable ones on the internet! :)

Here are a few more site's that my friend Patti suggested! (Thank you Patti)


Stampin When I Can
Let's Capture these Sketches
Sally's Sketches
Split Coast Gallery

Stickers n Fun
Digital Scrapbook Place
Sassy Lil Sketches
Let's Scrap
Sketch Support
Scrapbook Generation
Inspired Blueprints

Sketches by Jana Eubank
Twisted Sketches

My Sketch World

Stuck Sketches

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In loving Memory

Well, since Cathy gave me the bind it all as my birthday gift this year, I've been going CRAZY with it! I've made soooo many things with it! This project is album that I made of my mother. She passed away on Mother's Day 2006. I wanted to create an album that I could treasure as well as my children when I'm gone. It is very special to me since I don't have many pictures of my mother. I included facts, like my parents wedding day, birthdays, date of deaths, etc. On the last page I am going to type up a little page of stories and etc. That is the only thing left to do.

I used the Affinity paper pack from hobby lobby. Along with the matching Affinity brads, ribbons, etc.

For Internet safety reasons, I can't post every page because some have personal info on them.

In this envelope I have letters and cards from mama. I cherish her hand writing now.

 In this envelope I have extra pictures.
Happy Scrappin'


Here are 4 pages out of my smash album that I could post. I wished I could post the others but they have personal info on them. But you can get an idea of how I done mine. If you have made one I would love to see it, just share the link in the comment section or if you decide to make one I would love to hear that as well!

Ideas for your smash album:

I can be ANY theme you would like ( I did one about me)
Books you read
pictures of your home, where you grew up
your camera (I did this one) how much it cost, etc.
Candy you like
pictures of items in the newspaper like eggs, milk, bread (how much they cost)
Your hobbies
family photos
Things you like, dislike
Bucket lists
random cool stuff

I could go on and on but you get the idea!
Happy Smashin' :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cricut Giveaways!!

New Projects

I've started a new project! My smash album. I wanted to do this last summer and never got around to it.  So I finally got it going today. I went out and took pictures and started collecting things to go in it! I'm super excited about this project! I am still loving my BIA!!! I'm also working on another mini album. Hopefully I will get pictures up soon.

They have tons of ideas!! You will be inspired!

One of the picture's that I took today for my smash album. This sign is close to my house and it represents the miles that I walk almost everyday. I've been walking 3-4 miles everyday for the past 6 weeks! Yah me!

A very special birthday card for a very special Aunt of mine. 

P.S... I edited this post to add one more video. I got the idea for my smash album from this girl. I loved her albums when I saw them and wanted to make one myself. :)