Paper Paradise

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coffee Filter Album

Did this at the crop this weekend! It think it's the neatest idea! I bet who ever came up with this idea is a coffee drinker!! The inside are pockets for little treasures! I think it's brillant!

This is so true!

Got this in an email today and it's soo true!

Happiness keeps You Sweet,

Trials keep You Strong,

Sorrows keep You Human,

Failures keep You Humble,

Success keeps You Glowing,

But Only God keeps You Going!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Contempary Christian Music

I LOVE to listen to contempary Christain music. If you like it too, check out You can listen online for free! I always have it playing in the back ground while on the computer. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Baby Sunshine Album

Sadly even babies can get cancer. Which leads to my passion for making these albums even more passionate. Poor little guys have to go through so much! I pray that each family will be blessed in a special way through Project Scrap alittle Sunshine! God Bless!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SuperMan SunShine Albums

Just some more SunShine albums for kids with Cancer! I pray that these albums will bless those kids and their families!

BaseBall SS Album

This is a boy Sunshine Album that I made. I was having trouble coming up with some boy ideas for albums. Thanks to the ladies at CK they gave me some inspiration! As usual! It's a baseball. I traced a circle from a saucer out of the kitchen. I drew some lines and stitches on it. It was really fast and easy to make. I think I'm around 35. I only have about 15 more to go! If I dont make more..(wink)

Have a great day Everyone!

My favorite Sunshine Album to date.

Here is another purse album that I made today. I used pipe cleaners and beads for the handles. For the flap closure it's just paper with velcro. I decorated the inside with pattern papers to match add some secret compartments for pictures to go in. There is also a place for journaling. It was super fun and easy to make. You will probably be seeing more of these to come!


This is by far my new favorite scrapbooking toy! It's called a crop-a-dile. My hubby likes to call it a alligator. LOL This baby will punch through most anything! It will go through thin metal, leather, cardboard, paper, fabric, even cd's! It also has settings and will set eyelets! How cool is that! The best thing about it is that I got in on sale at Hobby Lobby for $12.50! I almost talked myself out of it but I am so glad that I did get it! Now I can punch through paperbag albums with one punch and I don't have to take my ole hammer and setter outside late at night when I want to scrap! =) You can set an eyelet with one silent squeeze and you don't have to wake the whole house!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another Purse Album

These purse albums are really easy to make. I will post a template for these next weekend. I can do it before the ck crop but I will do it! =) I can just picture some sweet little girl with cancer carrying around her little purse album filled with little trinkets. It's such a wondeful thought. I'm so glad that I am able to make these albums. It's such a privelage!

This is a Pack Back PaperBag SunShine Album that I made. It has a mini album on the inside. Its neat because it folds up flat. It can also be used to put little tinkets in. I'm sure some little kid with cancer will treasure it. Basically all you do is cut a paperbag in half and decorate it. Easy as 123! Anyone can make one. If you are interested in making a sunshine album please contact me. I'll be more than glad to help you get started making albums for kids with cancer! It's so rewarding to make these album and you will be blessed beyond measure! God Bless!
If you would like the patten I found this at Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Congradulations to my brother and his wife on their newest addition Logan Todd! I cant wait to hold and spoil my new little nephew! He is so precious and sweet! I will be scrapping away now! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Purse Paper Bag Album

My First Purse Paper Bag Album! It's soo cute!! It's really sturdy too. I will post the instructions next week.

SunShine Album # 18

Here is SunShine Album#18. I bought some cute foam letters and had to use them! I also love the idea for pockets. Can't you tell I love ribbons? I think they always add so much! I'm almost half way there! YAHH!!

My Ribbons

Look what came in the mail for me today! Look at the pretty ribbons that I won from Thank you Maricar! I love them! They are going to come in so handy because I am making sunshine mini scrapbook albums for kids with cancer! You have blessed me so I can bless someone else! I love each and every one of them! Thanks Again!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tin Can For Cards

I am all about using what items I have on hand around the house. I dont live anywhere near a Michaels or large craft store. I wanted a pretty can to put my cards in so I found an old Christmas cookie can. I painted it and added some ribbons, flowers and letters. Now I have a nice place to store my cards! =)
Painting tin or metal can be tricky. You will need to sand and prime the can so the paint will stay on the tin or metal. I found primer at at walmart for 97 cents and a sand block for $1.67. Pretty cheap I thought! I'm going to make another one soon. So keep your eyes on the look out!

I used felt to go around the bottom of the tin.

My Altered Letter

Here is a wooden letter from Walmart that I painted. I think I paid $1.78 for it. I chose pink because it's my favorite color! It was so simple to alter. I simply painted it pink, added some ribbons, glued some flowers with a pink brad for the center and a butterfly. Not much to it. It paint was dry in no time. I havent tried on with patterned paper yet. They look kind of tricky! =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Friend's SunShine Album

Here is another Paper Bag SunShine Album my good friend Rebekah made! Thank you Rebekah for making this book!! It really means alot to me but it will more to those special kids! Thanks so much!

Monday, July 9, 2007


I can't believe I have won something!! I won a drawing for some free ribbons over at ! I can't believe I won! I LOOOOOOOOOVE ribbons!!! I'm so happy right now! I'm floating on cloud 9! =) Makes me wanna do a rak on my blog! Keep your eyes peeled ladies! :-)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

WOOHOO! We made 12 whole years!! And they thought we wouldnt last!! =) No Seriously though, it was only by God's saving grace we made it this far! We have had our rough times. Everyone has!! But we put God first in our marriage. I truly believe that God put us together and together we will stay! Love ya honey!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Paper Bag Sunshine Album #8

Here is Sunshine Album #8! I only have 42 more to go..LOL It shouldnt take too long at the rate I'm going now! A Album a day! :-) This is a paper bag album. I covered it with material that I found at joann's fabric store. I had fun sewing! I'm getting the hang of my sewing machine! My mom would be so proud! She used to sew all the time! Until she got where she couldn't see! I actually used her old sewing machine! My favorite pages are the ones with the big circles! I love how bright colors look on black paper! It just pops out!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

SunShine Tag Album

Here's another sunshine album that I made from tags. I simply made a tag from cardstock. Punched a hole for a binder ring. I added ribbons and left places for some girl to add photos and journaling! Thank you for checking out my blog!! Have a great day!!

SunShine Album

This is another sunshine album that I made out of paper lunch sacks. I went crazy with the ink because I want a camo feel. FUN FUN FUN!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Paper Goodness

is having a contest for free ribbons!! Please enter to win if you love ribbon!! Good Luck!

Kids with Cancer

This video made me cry the first time I watched it! Now I am even more passionate about making these mini albums for children and these families! It's the very least I can do!!! I know first hand how cancer can affect a family. My dad had cancer. It's not easy! Please help us brighten a kids day if only for a moment! God Bless!

My Sweet Friend

Check out what my sweet dear friend sent me today! Isn't it so pretty!! I love love love it!! Thank You!! I may have to scraplift this one!! =)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Cry Out To Jesus!

This is one of my many favorite songs by Third Day! I have seen them twice in concert! Their shows are amazing!! I love this song because it talks about hope! Even if you feel like the whole world is falling around you there is hope if you trust in JESUS to help you! We can't ever give up hope! It should drive us. Jesus is always there for us. No matter what we are going through. Jesus is our hope! He wants to be our hope! There will be times when everyone has to call out to Jesus! That is what he is there for! He wants us to cry out to Him! He yearns for us! Never give up hope! No matter what you're going through! Jesus is always there!

Card Challenge

Here is a card challenge that I made from scraps only! I used mike's famous $1.00 stamps, heat embossed them, inked the edges in brown and stapled a pink flower on the edge!