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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tin Can For Cards

I am all about using what items I have on hand around the house. I dont live anywhere near a Michaels or large craft store. I wanted a pretty can to put my cards in so I found an old Christmas cookie can. I painted it and added some ribbons, flowers and letters. Now I have a nice place to store my cards! =)
Painting tin or metal can be tricky. You will need to sand and prime the can so the paint will stay on the tin or metal. I found primer at at walmart for 97 cents and a sand block for $1.67. Pretty cheap I thought! I'm going to make another one soon. So keep your eyes on the look out!

I used felt to go around the bottom of the tin.


Georgann said...

Candace, that is so cute!! Did you use acrylic paint??

Candace said...

Hi Georgann, Thanks for your comment. Yes I did use acrylic paint.