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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Sunday, March 20, 2011


 I really haven't played any this week. I've been extremely busy and tired! I did manage to cut a little vinyl for some cute bins that I found at the dollar general store for 2 or 3 bucks. {can't remember exactly how much they were}

BIA stands for bind it all and then the green bin is for my punches. I used an old green canister jar from my kitchen and wrapped it with paper to store my hemp in.

 I've had these bins for ages so I thought they needed a little sprucing up too. :)

 More vinyl. I need more colors! ;)

 Shelves my daddy built me! They are bigger than they appear in this picture and I painted them white. I plan to put my projects up there as I finish them because I love having them out for a while so I can admire them. :)

 I ordered more material off hobby lobby. com for my table so I had a little piece left over so I decided to make a cute little dust cover for my sewing machine. It just does fit. :) I got the idea from  Martha

I'm loving my new 5 ft table. My old desk just wasn't big enough anymore. I love having all the material matching everything! This room is my little heaven on earth/ retreat room now. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cards for Juliana

Today I picked up a few goodies for Juliana. See post below for more details. The "Fun in the Sun" card is for Juliana and the butterfly card is for her mom. Hopefully I can get those mailed off tomorrow. Please pray for that family!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cards for Julianna

I came across a blog today that really touched my heart. It was a blog of an 8 year old boy  that is asking for people from all over to send cards to a little girl that just has found out she has cancer.

See more info here.  

Here is the address if you wish to send one also.

Juliana c/o Liz Munoz

4851 Lone Tree Way, Suite B

Antioch, Ca 94531

God Bless this little girl!!

Bursts of Creativity: 500th Follower Giveaway

Bursts of Creativity: 500th Follower Giveaway

Check it out!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My scrap mess and a card

 My desk right now! I've been creating. I need a new, bigger desk. Any suggestions? My room is small so keep that in mind! I was thinking a table with "matching material". Actually the more I think about that idea, the more I like love it!

A cute little card for Cathy. Hopefully she will not see this card until tomorrow. It's a mini from stampin up. I'm loving this folded paper with stitching technique.

Mini envie stamped with Michael's $1.00 stamps...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

FrEsh FrOm the NeSt


I played today in between laundry and cleaning. :) I'm finally getting my scraproom together and it feels so nice to HAVE a place! The girls are loving it too! I used my cricut and my cart {straight from the nest} to make some door decor. I LOVE IT!!!

 I finally got the twin bed sold and moved out last night and my cabinet moved in. It's already full. Now I've got to find a way to organize that! The girls moved in their desk too. They love to do be in there with me and do crafts as well.

 I'm in love with those bakers rack!! 

 I had enough material left over to make a cover for the back of my shelf. My sewing machine kept giving me a hard time so it's not as perfect as I would like for it to be but no one is going to see or notice it but me.. :)

My block stamps and button storage. I love the fact that's it all out where I can see and get to it easily!

And finally my new chalkboard vinyl from Stampin Up! i love it!!!! I made a fabric flower out of the left over fabric. I think it turned out pretty good considering it was my first one! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sew much fun

 I am so excited today because I sewed my very first projects! Now I have sewn straight stitches on scrapbook pages before but never nothing like this! It took me forever to pick out this cute fabric from Hobby Lobby! :)

I originally wanted just a curtain and then I decided I wanted a cricut cover that would match too. But then I had a yard of fabric left over and Cathy gave me the idea of a chair cover! Brilliant! Love her! I love it and I am so proud of my self! :)

 Now, my girls want all kinds of different things made for their room. All in zebra print material of course. I think I will make new curtains for my dining room next. I really wished HL was closer...

 The view from the hallway.

My new paper tower from Hobby Lobby!

 My friend gave me these two baker's rakes and I love them! I think eventually I will paint them white. I just bought that paper rack from HL as well and I love it! It's a lot more sturdy than I thought it would be. It will actually roll around which is nice because I'm always moving and rearranging. I really debated buying it considering the reviews it got. But overall with a hl coupon it's a great deal!

 I found this little cutie today at the dollar store. I love finding treasure's in there when I run for a few items. It's actually a flower pot. Who could resist a flower pot with ribbon??? Not me!! It came with a cheesy pink ribbon so I changed it to a glittery one to match the lady bugs. cuteness.