Paper Paradise

Friday, June 20, 2008

I've been enjoying my summer so much!! When I think about it I kind of get sad because I have to go back to work in a month! I have missed all this free time to scrap and spend time with my family! It's been sooooo much fun!!

I've been hanging out with two friends twice a week scrapping/making cards and its been so enjoyable! I think my tags turned out really cute. I even embossed some with my cuttlebug last night and that was soooo fun!! Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Custom Clipboard

I had my first custom order today. It was really exicting creating something for a customer but it was also kind of nerve racking because I wanted it to be perfect. I made this clipboard for Kelli and she makes some really cute bows. Check out her little boutique here... She was such a sweetheart and really fun to work with!
I kind of went crazy with the blue and orange. Come to think of it I've been using a lot of blue lately!! lol
Have a wonderful night everyone!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I FINALLY Painted!

We finally got around to painting! I am so exicted! I no longer have boring ole' white walls. I have vibrant Merlot and Sweet Annie from Lowes. We are not finished with the trim, touch ups, and hallway yet but we're futher along than we were and I'm very happy! :) I love the earth tones!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creations by Candace

I had a blast today scrapping over at Cathy's! Between the 2 of us we made almost 40 cards! I am loving the prisma glitter. It's really fine and just pretty. Oh... Can anyone fill me in on what skittles are? I've been seeing a lot of talk about it on the boards but I am still clueless to what it is..:)

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Card Frenzy

I made these chipboard letters using my new cuttlebug! Oh man do I love it!!

This picture does not give this card justice! I need a new camera. The colors are so vibrant in real life. Any suggestions on cameras that won't break my bank account?!!>?
I have fallen for the owl and bird craze!! Man o man are they just sooo cute and addicting..

This is the card I made for my dad for Father's Day. Are you guys making Father's day cards this year?

Seems like all I want to do lately is MAKE CARDS! My dad's new girlfriend introduced me to stampin up and I have fallen in love ALL STAMPS! :) She has stamps out the wazoo (as she says) lol and I just love them! I also love to get ideas from different magazines. Esp. Paper crafts and Stamp It. They are my favorite right now! What are your favorite magazines?? I'd love to know!

My little etsy shop is easing along but it's way more work that I ever thought it would be. I'm not trying to make myself rich. And I'm NOT BTW! But... I love doing it and I enjoy it so that's all that counts! I placed an order with last night for new dies and embossing folders. BTW They have a HUGE Sale and you get $6 Flat Rate Shipping! I hope it arrives soon. I love getting new toys!

It's late and I better sign off! Have a great night! :)

Tuesday's Treasure's

Look what a cute couple! Angela I hope you don't mind posting this picuture! Sandy made this cute little tool belt for the Daddy to be. It has all the essential tools since he will be the Stay At Home Day!
Clint mom made this precious quilt for the baby! She hand stitches each and every little line! CUTE!

We had so much fun at the baby shower Saturday! Look at this cute bassinet that Rhonda made out of a watermelon. I just love this idea!

My sister in law made this cake for Angela. They didnt find out what the baby is so the cake has blue and pink.

Sandy my other SIL made this diaper cake. Yes I have a lot of sister in laws! Clint has 3 sisters and 5 brothers! One is a twin. :) LOL anyways...Sandy used her cricut and I think it looks awesome! She is so talented at everything she does and I keep telling her she needs to open an etsy shop!

This picture board is madmade by Rhonda a woman that goes to my church. I love this idea and It looks super easy to make. I love handmade gifts. I always have!

Here is a cupcake to match the big cake! She made 2 one for each side and they are just adorable!

Have a great day!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


My friend just opened up her Etsy shop. She is an amazing photographer! Here are a couple of my favorites and she is having a sale Wednesday so you should go and check it out heRe!!

She was also chosen by Etsy to be on the front page of the treasury! How cool is that?!! Go See Here!!

If you have an etsy store and would like for me to post a link to here on my blog just leave me a comment and I'll add it for you! Happy Day!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

VBS Crafts

We had VBS this week at church and I've been eXtremly busy. Not only have I taught each night I had a house Full of girls each day and night! :) Here are the crafts that my class made. I had the older girls. We had a exicting time. The girls really enjoyed their crafts and I enjoyed sharing my scrapbook supplies with them. The flipflops were our favorites!! I wished I would have bought me a pair to do! LOL :)

Well it's 12:30 am and I should get to bed soon! We're having a baby shower tomorrow for my SIL, so that should be fun!! (Can't wait to see ya Angela)!!

BTW I bought a waTerprooF camera tonight so I can get some pics of the girls in pool! Can't wait to see how they turn out! Night.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy Bee

Last week we all got together at my Dad's house to scrap. My Dad's girlfriend is big into scrapping and we went card crazy! We had a blast and we are doing it again tomorrow! It feels so nice to be out of school and have alittle extra time to relax and do what I love. But I've still been busy but it's a good busy. Saturday we painted my kitchen, living room, hall, and dining room. I'll post pictures soon. We're not quite finished with all the trim and the hallway. Monday we took the youth group to a Water Park. It was soo nice! We all have a great time. This week is VBS and I'm teaching the older girls. The crafts I chose are scrappy crafts of course! ;) Last night we made a paperbag album. Tonight is the altered flipflops and Thursday night is a altered clipboard! LOL
I love how scallops are in style now. They are soo pretty. I also bought the cuttlebug a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT! It embosses soooo pretty! I need more dies but that will come with time. :) I love how it cuts, foam, fabric and felt! IT's just awesome! I got it Creative for $35.00 and they threw in a free embossing folder of my choice. The alpha dies were also on sale for $40.00! This flower and vase is from the Oliva Alpha's which I ordered.
I made this tag using my cousins cricut and I love that thing! I'm trying to save up money so I'll have it when it goes on sale again! I wished Walmart would mark them back down to $100. But they are still $184.00. :( I cut out these flowers with the sizzix die. I've been trying to use up all my scraps on cards. It really helps to cut down on my paper stash.
I love using my sewing machine on paper. I'm kind of getting the bug to sew now and want to try my hand at a small quilt. We'll see. Time permitting. I found a little shop in town that sells BEAUTIFUL fabric. I could buy and collect the fabric because it is soo pretty! :)
And my last card. I am going to put these on my etsy shop. I love etsy. Have a great week!!