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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday's Treasure's

Look what a cute couple! Angela I hope you don't mind posting this picuture! Sandy made this cute little tool belt for the Daddy to be. It has all the essential tools since he will be the Stay At Home Day!
Clint mom made this precious quilt for the baby! She hand stitches each and every little line! CUTE!

We had so much fun at the baby shower Saturday! Look at this cute bassinet that Rhonda made out of a watermelon. I just love this idea!

My sister in law made this cake for Angela. They didnt find out what the baby is so the cake has blue and pink.

Sandy my other SIL made this diaper cake. Yes I have a lot of sister in laws! Clint has 3 sisters and 5 brothers! One is a twin. :) LOL anyways...Sandy used her cricut and I think it looks awesome! She is so talented at everything she does and I keep telling her she needs to open an etsy shop!

This picture board is madmade by Rhonda a woman that goes to my church. I love this idea and It looks super easy to make. I love handmade gifts. I always have!

Here is a cupcake to match the big cake! She made 2 one for each side and they are just adorable!

Have a great day!!


Ga Urbanite Crafty Lady said...

I think Travis really liked the tool belt! lol
I love making those for the guys & the diaper cakes too! I loved the quilt Grandma made for Angela! I still have the quilt and dress she made for Brandi 15 years ago!