Paper Paradise

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Post it Note Holders

As you know we've been blessed with much needed rain recently here in Georgia!! So Saturday because I still was not over my cold I stayed inside and spent some well deserved time in my scrapbook room! I was supposed to be over at my step mom's scrapping away with the gals but I decided not to go because I really didn't need to infect anyone else. And I really just needed to rest!!

I found this really awesome blog that I LOOOOOOOVE!! She is sells Stampin Up! She also makes these adorable little post it note holders. Check it out here... and here...

So I looked around on Etsy and found some chipboard coasters and made some too!! I will take these to a local shop here in town along with my cards and a few other goodies for her to sell. I have temporarily closed my Etsy shop until I get the time to rebuild my inventory. Right now because I have started back to work full time, I just do not have the time to scrap and keep up the demands of an online store. I plan to have a re-grand opening sometime in the near future.
Have a great week!!
Congratulations Travis and Angela!! It's a baby boy!!!
Angela, are you coming next weekend for the shower?? PLEASE!!! We're all dying to see the baby!!! :) If not we're coming up soooooon!!! lol