Paper Paradise

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vinyl Mania

Lacey's name over her window. I used the cartridge "storybook" my favorite cart so far.
Haley's name on her door.

Over the door in the craft shack.

inspire on the craft shack door

Lacey's name on her door.

Haley's name over her bedroom window. My walls are textured but it works like a charm. Very pretty. I believe I cut her letters at 6 3/4 inches. I had to use the 12x24 mat side to make it fit.

I've been having so much fun cutting out vinyl with my cricut lately. Surprisingly it's really easy. Well once I figured out what I was doing. :)
I cut the vinyl using the following settings:

I noticed it was easier if it cut through both the sheet of vinyl and the backing. After cutting the vinyl I peeled off the negative part and that left the cut design of vinyl and the backing of the cut design on the mat. I then peeled off the white paper(the none sticky shiny side) from the transfer tape(the sticky side). I put the sticky side of the transfer tape directly down on top of the cut image(vinyl) and used a popsicle stick to scrap over the top to make sure the vinyl would stick to the transfer tape. I slowly peeled up the transfer tape and the cut vinyl image came up with it. Tip- if the vinyl image does not come up gently help it along by easily taking your nail and lift it up. After you have the image transferred to the transfer tape you can align it on the wall and do the same scrapping motion again. Peel the transfer tape off and the image stays on the wall. Super cool! You can find video's on how to do this on YouTube. This is how I learned. Money saving tip- You can use the transfer tape twice.