Paper Paradise

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am finally going to get to go back to Hobby Lobby and Michael's this weekend! I usually get to go about every month or two! I'm super excited! I haven't had time to do anything since starting back to work a couple of weeks ago! I really want to make some Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. I also wanted to start on the girls baby albums.

I made some really cute treat bags for my girlfriend Pam to give to her associates at work. I should have gotten pictures because they were extremely cute! I added some chocolates and little cute things to go in the treat bags. But we were rushed for time so I didn't get the shots! So what has everyone else been up too? I feel so out of the loops right now! Hopefully I'll get back to scrapping/crafting soon! Take Care!


~Me~ said...

They all look great but my faves are the taller one...the writing looks more proportional and the middle one. The brown candle seems more elegant and very pretty. It depends on linens and etc which of the two are the best. They all look good tho! Nice work!