Paper Paradise

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today I cut out flowers with my Cherry Limeade cricut cart to decorate some clothespins. I love how they turned out! I took apart my calendar because I used the Elmer's Glue brand tape from walmart and it was falling apart. I used to use the adtech brand and loved it but then wm switched brands and I tried it out. I will never buy that brand again! I've got to find another brand to use... I hung up all of the scrapbook pages in my living room up over my couch. I love having my sb pages on display. :) Have a blessed day!


Helen said...

Love the idea of the scrapbook pages over your couch -- I enjoy things like that too - gives you joy each time you walk through the room. And it's a special - down deep kind of joy! With regard to first clothespin picture -- good depth of field (I learned that from thepioneerwoman! I've been enjoying her photo contests too.)