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Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Vinyl Projects

I know I haven't been posting my projects lately but since Blogger changed it has made it really hard to post my projects. sigh. As I type this half of my page is not even loaded. It is extremely hard to upload pictures now. I just wish they would change it back! Maybe it's just my computer. Who knows. Anyone else having trouble or is just me?

Anywho, here are a couple of the vinyl projects that I have done lately. The plate was for my niece. She bought it from Southern Living and asked if I would put "something on it". She orginally wanted a bible scripture but I knew it wouldn't fit. The bag is for my other neice who is having a major surgery soon. I filled it with all kinds of goodies for her hospital stay. Thanks to all the "peas" who gave helpful suggestions.  I had the bag made but I put the vinyl on the cup and lap desk. My neice is 15 and has spinal bifida. She is my heart. She truly is an Angel! Her surgery is coming up Aug. 21 if you would like to remember her in your prayers. 

Inside the bag I put little things to make her hospital stay a little bighter/funner!

So far I have put
Coloring books, crayons, markers, pens, scissors, glue a pencil box. I put her name on the pencil box too of course. :)

A Justin Beiber book and pillow case (from Claire's).

Glow in the dark braclets, necklaces and other little odds and ends from the dollar tree. (I love that store).

A MP3 player with Justin's newest songs. A new portable DVD player with Justin Beibers new movie, Never Say Never. She loves JB. Can't ya tell? :)

Here is the bag for the DVD player. My cousin put her initals on it for me. It is also going to house her mp3 players and movies.
Thank you Sandy!!
I also bought her some stickers, paper, and easy puzzles. I know I went a little bit over board but I would do anything for that child! I love her to pieces! Thanks for reading. I apologize for any errors. It wouldn't let me spell check or go back and change anything. :( Have a wonderful weekend! Take Care.


SweetPepperRose said...

Candace, these all turned out cute ;)