Paper Paradise

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Photo Shoot

Here are a few of the pictures taken at the photo shoot in my living room. These pictures are going to be in a magazine article about the Sunshine Albums. I am soo pleased with how they turned out. My friend can take amazing pictures and should be a professional. She is a professional in my eyes.

If you are making Sunshine Albums the due date to send them in is approaching quickly. I wished I knew the number of albums world wide that has been made. It's for such an amazing cause. What what a better way to use a hobby that you love to touch a little life with a ray of Sunshine! :)


antrapig said...

WOW! Look at all of those albums. Too cute. I know there are a bunch of blessings in there, and you look very pretty in your pictures :) Can't wait to see the article. Have a great week.

Julie Smith said...

Cool photos. What magazine? I'd like to read the article. I like the poll on your blog btw. I want to put one on mine now - guess I should figure out how to do that!
Take care, Julie Smith