Paper Paradise

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pot Head

Last weekend my family and I went to TN. We had a lovely time. While at the Knap-In (where people get together to make and sell Indian things) a guy was making pottery. This picture is a clay pot he made. I think it's really cool. Now not only does my husband love to make arrowheads, bows and arrows, he now want's to start making pottery. Who would have thought it! :) Looks like pot is addicting after all! Ladies keep your men away from it! It's toxic!


Kelli said...

Hey Candace,
My dad used to be a potter full time and when he closed up shop he kept all the remaining inventory, it's really fun to go grab a dish out of my parents' cabinets and see his pottery in there gettting everyday use. It's really a homey touch.

Enjoy your fall!!