Paper Paradise

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Girl PB Mini Album

I love paper albums. They are super easy to make! Esp. with the trusty ole crop-a-dile! It would be nice to have the big bite. :) I will probably sell this one for a couple of bucks. They are going on ebay and etsy for 15-20 a pop! I guess I just think my stuff isn't as nice as "that stuff" but I don't care. I just enjoy doing it!

As you can see I am struggling with my banner! LOL I got tired of fooling with it the other night. I dont have photoshop and it would help me if I did! ugh! Oh the frustrations! LOL

Have a great day!!


Jen said...

Very cute paper bag albums!!! I had a lot of fun making them. You do such a beautiful job on them!!!

BTW I love the paint can. I'll have to go get one, but I know they will think I'm crazy too!!! LOL Oh well we know why we want them.