Paper Paradise

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Hubby's New Store

The last few days I've been in the process of setting up my husbands new online store through It's a really cool online site where you can sell the homemade items you've made. A huge thanks goes out to cutepumpkin from She created a banner for the store!! Thank you so much Elizabeth!! I have a special package going out to you first thing Monday!!

My husband makes all kind of things. He makes arrowheads, bow and arrows, necklaces, knives, tomahawks and a lot of other cool things. Like I say we're just getting the store up so there will be more things added along the way! Check it out here...

We planted our garden today, the drizzling rain. We'll Clint did. :) I was busy inside cleaning. We've been extremely busy lately. I am so ready for Spring Break!! 2 more weeks and I'll be able to relax a bit! I'm really looking forward to some alone time. My scrapbook looks like a ghost town. I'm really ashamed how I've been treating it lately! LOL It's a mess and nothing creative has happened in their for about 2 weeks now. :(