Paper Paradise

Monday, March 24, 2008

A couple of cool things...

Check out this awesome new blog created by Ericka, aka journeyfan. She created this blog, so we as scrappers, can have a place to post, encourage and be encouraged by others. So go check it out. It's kind of cool.

I totally blew my diet this weekend. How could I resist all of that yummy candy and sweet treats? I couldn't! I've gotta get back to walking. I was doing so good. Then the weather turned cooler and I got lazy. BUT....I'm jumping back on the train tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Other news.... Nicole has created a blog for her Flat Traveling Scrapper. It's going to be fun to see where all she travels. Very cute idea.

Have a great week everyone!!


Flat Nicole said...

Hi Candace
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I would love to come and see you in Georgia once I am done visiting my 11 AMR friends.

inara said...

thanks for the links!!!