Paper Paradise

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Craft Night

I actually got a little bit accomplished at the crop we had at church Friday night. I made two cards and LO. But most of all I had a blast chatting with all the ladies! We had 5 scrapping and two more chatting. I was VERY pleased how it turned out! We want to start doing this once a month. From now on, to get more ladies involved, I am going to call it a "Craft Night." I'm encouraging the ladies of the church to bring whatever they want to work on. Not everyone loves to scrapbook. We have many that cross stitch, do bead work and other crafty things. I think it will be a great way to get more ladies involved. I love any kind of craft and who knows, I'll probably learn something too. ;) Matter of fact, I know I'll learn something! laugh.

My dream is to make this a big outreach event in our community. Maybe even run an ad in the local newspaper. We have the perfect facility to do it. We have lots of those big long tables and chairs. Great lighting. Great location. Who knows where this might lead.