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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day!

FAT ATTACK!! LOL I ordered these last week from one of the students. It was a nice suprise when they came today. Talk about FAT ATTACK! I ate 4! ekkk...LOL Not at the same time of course. But they were sooo goooood. Even though it blew my diet for the day! ;) It was for a good cause right?!?
Check out these awesome heart mini albums that my dear friend Brenda sent me today. One is for my daughter and the other one is for her best friend. She was born with some health problems and has been in and out of the hospital. She has had many, many surgeries. She is need of a kidney transplant right now but they can't do that until her bladder gets better. Thank you Bren- They are lovely! What a sweet sweet thing to do!
Brenda also sent me these beautiful ribbons! They remind me of Spring! My favorite season! I can't wait to use them.
I scrapped one layout last weekend. I really had no idea what I was going to make until I pulled out the papers. It just kind of came as I worked. This layout is special b.c its of my mother. She suddenly passed away on Mother's day almost 2 years ago. I never realized loosing her would hurt so bad. I actually sewed this using the machine she bought me years ago. She would be proud that I was actually using it. smile. When I was pregnant with my first daughter she made all of my materinty clothes. I loaned them out not knowing they wouldn't return. She was a crafty lady. She could sew ANYTHING! Boy, I wished I could give her a great big hug!

Happy St. Patties Day! Did you wear green today? I almost forgot! :) dancing happy st. patricks day (This was supposed to be at the top) LOL I would take the time to change it but it took too long for the pictures to upload and now it's bed time! :)
Take Care!


Angie said...

What cute mini-albums! You made me cry about your mom- you know she is so proud of you! Have a happy Easter!