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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Back!

Well I finally figured how to hook my laptop up to an old monitor that I have. It's not the best set up in the world but it works!! I can at least check my emails now. :) I have done so much lately that I wished I could have blogged about! I've made bags, tags, cards, ornaments, cookies etc. LOL

Does everyone have big plans for the holidays? I LOVE the holidays!

I am on vacation this week and it feels soooo good. Today I put up my tree. Hopefully if I can get a good picture of it I will show you. I had a color theme this year. Red, silver and anything with glitter! It was so much fun shopping for ornaments. I had never bought ornaments before I just always used homemade ornaments and I kind of feel guilty but I think that it will fade with time. :)


PattiM said...


Glad to see you back blogging..... So glad you worked at getting hooked back up. I love your bags. Super cute!!!

Wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you and the family have a great day...


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