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Sunday, November 30, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Have you guys got the tree up yet? This was the first year that I ever bought ornaments for my tree. I have always just used hand me down ornaments or ornaments made by the girls. I do feel a little guilty but I had so much picking out the colors and ornaments.

I could not find a tree topper that I liked so I just went with a pretty bow.

I chose silver and red. Mostly balls with lots and lots of glitter. It is extremely hard to get a good picture of a tree and lights. My new step mom made me a beautiful wreath to match! I'll have to post it soon.


PattiM said...

Beautiful tree. And I love mr. & mrs. santa in the corner... We haven't got ours yet. Trying to figure out if we want a live tree or a memorax... LOL


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