Paper Paradise

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vacation 08

Haley fell off the sled. They loved snow sledding! I've got some great video of them!

Lacey was a pro!

Me and Clint and Mark in the back ground

Me, Lacey and Haley in front of Niagara Falls, -On the Canadian side. We also saw the Dare Devil Movie at the IMAX there. Really cool video if you've never saw it!

I took my supplies with me in case I got bored.
I did manage to get in a little scrapping. It was so nice doing it by the fire place!

Lacey, Haley and Carole before going ice skating. I was really surprised. The girls took off like little pros! I was so proud of them!

Well we are back!! We had an awesome time! We traveled all the way up the east coast to PA and stayed with some friends. We got to see Niagara Falls, Lake Erie, the girls got to go ice skating and snow sledding for the very first time. We thought we were not going to be able to get into Canada to see the Falls but they finally let us through. Tip: have your birth certificate or passport. ;) We were going to visit Hershey, PA but I was ready to be home. And it's a good thing we came home because Clint got really really sick on the way home.

He has ran a fever for over 4 days now. The doctor said it's not the flu but I'm not so sure. If you're a prayer warrior please lift up a prayer for him. It's hard enough going back to work after vacation much less if you're sick!