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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Cathy's little slice of Heaven (above pic)

My slice of Heaven (below pic) See our ribbon holders that my dad made? Super cool huh?

C & C Craft Shack

(view from the outside door) The other door is for the storage area) my desk then hers.
Cathy and I in the garage (where she and I used to scrap) packing up her things waiting on the guys to hurry and lay the carpet! We were so impatient that day. It was so funny. We had to leave because we were so antsy. We went to Lowe's and bought stuff. :) (below pic)

Here is the craft shack before.. we moved in. There is Cathy- my new mom

We feel completely blessed!! Daddy built us a gorgeous mini-house . We had our first little get together today. I actually scrapped!! I accomplished 5 sb pages!! Woohoo!! So what do you think of our new crafting shack? It's actually Cathy's-my new-mom but she shares with me..:) She has named it C&C Craft Shack. I live only 5 minutes away. Good thing for me huh? Because I want to move back home right now!! LOL

We are having a lady over to paint scriptures and other things on the wall. Hopefully that will be finished this week. We bought fabric and vinyl for the tables. How do you like it? It even has a little room in the back for storage. My table is the one with the lamp and white cabinet to the side.

Cathy's side is the one near the back wall with the 3 white shelves. I love the colors she picked out. She knows I love pink! ;) We have extra tables for crops and friends who want to bring their crafts over. I will post the paintings when it is completed. We still have some storage stuff to buy and that will come with time.

We have an exciting trip planned in two week. They are having a big stamping expo in Atlanta. I can't wait! It's going to so much fun. Has anyone ever been?

I am also going to be able to visit Archiver's again!! It's a scrappers dream store!!

FYI- Hobby Lobby has SB albums 50% I just bought 2


Sandy/tx-nana-scraps said...

Wow!!! Look at you! Love your C&C Craft Shack...cute name and how perfect for both of you to love scrapping some much. What a great bright color scheme to scrap in. My craft room is bright yellow and I love that the sun keeps that room nice and sunny. Have fun scrapping in your new "house!" Can't wait to see your LOs you do now.

Angie said...

I'm so jealous! What a fabulous place to relax and get pages done! :-)