Paper Paradise

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cards for Heroe's

Here are a couple of goodies that came in the mail for me today. I was one of the blogger's chosen from the blog hop at cardsforheroes to win a some goodies. You can see more of these stamps here They are so cute and she gives you a sample card which is always nice too.

I ordered the Life is a beach cartridge from ebay today, so hopefully that will come in the mail soon so I can get started on my beach album. Ebay has the cheapest prices on carts that I've seen anywhere. Oh my crafts has really great prices too!! I will probably go play at the shack tomorrow. I'm itching to do something. Make something. Anything. I just hate all this rain and humidity. It makes all the paper feel wet and warped. I can't pick up my pictures until Saturday. Patience.