Paper Paradise

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a day on the beach

One late afternoon we took a walk out on the pier. It was so beautiful and breezy. We even got to see a wedding take place right there. It was very sweet and romantic. We actually saw two while we were there.

The girls took turns looking out over the ocean. There was a lot of fishing going on.

I LOVE this look on Lacey's face! This was right before she stumped her toe really badly on the wood/concrete walk way. We had to leave pretty soon after that because she was so miserable. I managed to walk 3/4 ways down the pier though.

I took a couple of shots of the girls on the beach. It proved more difficult that I imagined. The wind was either in their face or they were squinting from the sun. lol But so enjoyable non the less. :) I would have taken more pictures on the beach but I was so worried that my camera would get sand in it.

As I sat on the beach each day, I couldn't help but think how I was surrounded by all of God's natural beauty. I would close my eyes and listen to things around me. It was literally music to my ears. The waves crashing on the shores, children laughing, people talking, birds singing, the wind blowing and even the sand between my toes was calming. In those moments I felt totally blessed to be there!