Paper Paradise

Monday, June 25, 2007

Glad Reunion Day!

On that Glad Reunion Day, We'll see you run and play!
O what a joyful day...what else can I say?
Tender kisses we'll give... on your cheeks they will live!
Our family will be complete, on that hillside by the creek!
Sad memories will be forgotten, on that hillside by the mountain!
We'll know you by name and things will never be the same!
O what a glad reunion day when we see our angel run and play!
Endless supply of hugs and countless barrels of love!
Mommy and Daddy will be so proud!
We will shout "We love you" outloud!
Nothing will compare to the joy we'll feel!
Because our hearts will finally be mended and sealed!
Thank You God for our hope of the future
To Finally hold our sweet angel to nurture.
O what a glad reunion day when we see our angel run and play!
Written by me...3-15-07
Dedicated to my little one! Gone but not forgotten! August 29, 2006


Anonymous said...

How beautiful and true.

- Sherry F.

Anonymous said...

Candace, I am so very sorry for your earthly losses. There is comfort in knowing there will be a time for reuniting with those who have gone on to heaven before us.

You are truly a kind and inspirational person. I am touched by your loss and your ability to trust in the Lord though it all. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself in your blog.

Rita (fussybird)