Paper Paradise

Monday, June 18, 2007


These are a mini file folder albums that my daughter and I made! Mine is on top. Her's is on bottom! She is only 8! I am always amazed at how talented she is! She is going to be a future scrapper I know!! I wouldnt be scared to say that her's looks better than mine! =) Watch out Heidi! LOL


Corina said...

Wow.. she is pretty talented!! I'd be guarding my stash if I were you, LOL! :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with Corina I would be careful with my stash I might even start hiding my fav things. Do you have a pattern for the albums? Could you email it to me? Thanks Connie

Anonymous said...

could you email me the pattern for the mini filefolder album. I think they are soooooo cute. Good job to your daughter, and I agree with Corina start hiding your fav items before she finds them. Thanks Connie