Paper Paradise

Monday, June 25, 2007

God's AWESOME Power!

Just wanted to share how awesome God is! Today we went to church as usual. But our piano player and song leader were on vacation. So when they are out, another lady and I lead the praise and worship. We sing Praise and Worship every Sunday but it puts alittle more pressure on us to sing more songs when they are out. "Or it does on me b.c I get nervous in front of crowds". :) Here is where God's awesome Power comes in. I sang a closing song "NAIL IT TO THE CROSS" and before I even started singing half of the church was at the alter! I couldnt believe it! God was moving a mighty way! God is always awesome but today was so powerful! It's nothing that I did! I love to see God moving! I feel so revived! I just wanted to share this! God wants us to share about Him! He doesnt want us to be ashamed of Him because HE is not ashamed of us! I believe we must tell the good things God does for us in our lives! Romans 1:16 reads For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes! We should never be ashamed or embarrassed to talk about God and what he has done for us! We shouldnt be ashamed or embarrassed to say grace to public, say a prayer a friend, read our bible, go to the alter or even go to church! And if we are we should bring it to God in prayer. He expects us to bring all our needs to him prayer! Prayer is the key to life. It's our communication with God. No it doesnt have to be a fancy prayer. It can be what I call a popcorn prayer. Which is nothing more than saying a very short prayer. God loves us so much! Blessings to all!