Paper Paradise

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday we went to the G Garden's. I didn't get great pictures of the girls because of the bright sun. That is something I'm trying to get used too with this new camera because it's so much different than my old one. I did however get a couple good pics of some flowers. The flowers are not really in bloom yet. I'd love to have a macro lens!!!!

Yesterday I also worked on those 50 checkbook covers that I bought to do for the craft show. They were trickier than I thought. It was hard to slide the papers in the covers and I couldn't make them as cute as I did the calendars. My new MM trimmer is not working. I am so disappointed in it. I will end up taking it back. Paper is stuck in the runner where the blade resharpens itself and I can't get it out. grrrr

Today I need to finish the rest of the cb covers. Buy groceries. Get in the tanning bed. And make those Easter cookies! WOW it's going to be busy!!! Spring break is almost over..... :(