Paper Paradise

Friday, April 10, 2009

Glitter Eggs

Dying eggs is so much fun isn't it? The girls had a blast tonight coloring and putting glitter on them. It's the first time we used glitter but I REALLY liked doing that! Super cool!
We already stuffed dozen's of plastic eggs with candy. YuM!

The cookies on the other hand FLOPPED. :(

I couldn't find my old sugar cookie recipe so I used a new one. I made 2 major mistakes!

1. Never use the eggs whites when the recipe calls for the yolks.
2. Always measure out the shortening!!

Well the dough tasted really GOOD { if that counts }

I did manage to finish the *50* checkbooks today. Can I just say for those of you are close to a Hobby Lobby, Michael's or any craft/scrapbook store count your blessings! I ran into Walmart today looking for a pretty teal/blue ribbon that I bought about a month ago and of course they did not have any and looked like they will not ever get anymore in.