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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last Saturday after the baby shower we stopped a field that is close to my house. I took some pictures of the girls chasing butterflies. I love these two pictures of Lacey so much! I can't believe how fast my girls are growing! I was thinking the other day I quess I need to have another baby so I'll have someone to photograph......LOL Well maybe not..... but babies are so sweet and I LOVE THEM!
I am enjoying Spring Break this week. It feels so nice to actually be a home for a change. I think tomorrow we're going to ride to the bookstore and see what photography books I can find. And what's up with this cold/windy weather?? Glad I'm not camping out with the family this week...
Tonight we made peanut butter cookies. yummmm They are almost gone...;)


PattiM said...

Great pictures! She's so pretty. They do grow so fast... I still can't believe my DS will be 30 this year and DD will be 29 in January..... And to think, I'll be 50 this year... (SIGH!) I look on the bright side, my DH will always be that one year before me older... LOL


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