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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blog Hoppin Good Time

Here's the cake that I made Haley. I cut out felt flowers with my cuddlebug to create a bouquet. Now I can use those same flowers on her birthday sb pages.

Today starts the blog hop at Don't forget to check it out. I think there are over 135 blogs participating. What a wonderful way to celebrate this weekend!

You can check out different blogs to see cards made by different card makers for our troops. There are also lots of give away's so be sure to check it out!! Also they are taking donations. CURRENT TOTAL 5/17/09 140,875 cards have been sent to our heroes so far! WOW isn't this great??!! I found out about the blog hop from Jana, click here to see her cards!

Last night we celebrated Haley's birthday because Clint had to be out of town today. She got to pick the resturant so we went to Applebee's our family favorite! Then we came back home and had cake and opened presents! Haley got a new bathing suit, beach towel, sunglasses, flipflops (for the beach trip), a cup she can color from (HL), some yarn and stuff for her cross stitching, a CS horse kit, a storage bag for all of it to go in, a new pair of shoes, little pets shops and money for the grandparents. She really had a great birthday!!

Happy Birthday Haley!



Ga Urbanite Crafty Lady said...

Happy Birthday Haley! I sure hope you had a great one! I know she enjoyed our singing to her on the phone Saturday afternoon!!! lol
We love ya! Aunt Sandy , Aunt Jo & Cuz Brandi