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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

Recently I've been getting the urge to try digi scrapping. But I know NOTHING about it! So today I went youtube and watched some tutorials. Seems easy enough. Now all I need is photoshop or something. Does anyone know where you can print 12x12 layouts? Or what's the best program to use?

While visiting Patti's blog today I came across a new digi site. Check it out here... She has very very cute designs! I'm sure that's the first place I'll go when I do get started.


PattiM said...


Love the pictures you've been taking lately. The girls are cuter than ever but are also starting to get older. (sigh) Thanks for mentioning my blog and DIGISCRAPDESIGN, I'm a CT member and am loving all the kits I get to design with lately. Hope your having a great week.


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