Paper Paradise

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Dad's Photo Shoot :)

We had a mini photo shoot at my Dad's today. I had to take some pics of him and of his motorcycle. I needed them for a little project that I'm putting together. Thank you Nicole (CKMB) for this idea! He'll love it!
P.S. Daddy you need to buy the side car now, so that me, Lacey and Haley can ride!! :)


Cathy or blondie said...

Candace, this your Dad's lady friend.....Thank you for doing the photo shoot, that was very thoughtful. I can tell that you and he have a great relationship and I think that is very special. God gave you a great Dad, treasure him, dear.
From Cathy in Atlanta
Feel free to drop me a line any time!! God bless you and your family!