Paper Paradise

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thank YOU Sheree!

WOW! Is all I keep saying! I can't believe someone could be sooo sweet! This is the nicest thing someone has ever done for me! Thank you so much Sheree! I still can't believe you done this for me! You are so awesome and kind! I love it all! The paper is so beautiful! I've never had My Mind's Eye before! The tags are are gorgeous! I wanted some Christmas stamps too! But as you know I couldnt get any. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is so much better than the drinking glasses my hubby got me for Christmas!

I'm going to use the tags on my tree next year! I'm going to make a scrap tree. :) So if you have any ideas please let me know! You are sooo talented and creative! You are the best ever!

~I just wanted to add that my girls keep saying WOW! and WHOA! Now they are begging for the chocolate bars! LOL I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Take Care!


Nicole P. said...

I have that paper too. I love it!

Kelli said...

You are going to LOVE having that paper stack! I have definately used up the value of it! I paid about $13 for all that paper when I bought mine at Costco, and I think we had it worked out to if you only use about 14 or 15 sheets of it and toss the rest you will have exceeded the value of the paper since it sells at LSS's for nearly a dollar a

I cant wait til another big stack is released! I will be first in line to buy it!