Paper Paradise

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Scrap Basket

I put together this Scrap Goody Basket last night. It's filled with stickers, inks, stamps, papers, a magazine, embellishments and lots more! I'm taking it to our Church Christmas Party Sunday night. We always a game called dirty Santa. It's a game where you can take someone else's gift or they can take yours (depending on the number you draw). It's really fun and their usually are a couple of gifts that everyone wants. I know several girls who like to scrapbook in our church so I think this will go over well! What do ya think?
BTW These are new and slightly used items. We are urged not to buy any gifts (which makes it really funny b.c. sometimes you end up with other people's junk) LOL


antrapig said...

Hey sweets. I think I need this! Save it for me :)