Paper Paradise

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Playing Around

I've really got the fever for a new, improved, top of the line digital camera. :) Today I got online looking at all the cool ones and got disappointed b/c I dont have the money for one right now. So I took out my ole cheap HP digi camera and started playing. I changed some of the settings like the white balance and ISO. I'm really suprised with the results. Thanks again Kelli for the encouragment! I needed that today. :) The girls from allmomentsremembered are just great! They also offered offered a little help. They recommended that I visit Karen Russells blog. And boy were they right on the money! She is very skillful with a camera. So go check her out HERE if you want some cool tips. You will be inspired! As for me? I'll just add the new camera to my wish list of many other things.

These photos are just some artifical flowers I have in a can. Nothing fancy. They are not even for decoration.


Kelli said...

Those photos turned out pretty darned good! I used to use an old hp digital too, it was back when they first came out with them for cheap, and it only had like 3.5 mega pixels which was all that back when I got