Paper Paradise

Sunday, January 6, 2008

True Love

I had a lot of fun making this layout. It's in an 11x14 frame now that is gracing my living room wall. I love to heat emboss. If you've never tried it, you should. It's a lot of fun to do. I wished I would have left room to journal but I always forget! Besides my hand writting is terrible!


All moments remembered said...

You did a great job!!! I am like you and hate my handwriting! But I bet someday someone will wish they could see our journaling!! They say the journaling is the heart of the layout.

Samantha said...

Very pretty, Candace! I love to heat emboss as well, but I don't do it very often b/c it's so messy! Some how, we all end up with glitter on our face, and apparently my hubby does not want to sparkle when he goes to work. Go figure!

PattiM said...

Hi Candace,

I love that you did a 11x14 LO.... Turned out really nice... Great job with the heat emboss... I have a hard time with it... Sometimes it looks good and others not...LOL You and DH are such a cute couple..Take nice pics together...Journaling....You could always lift one picture and place some journaling underneath it...A little book or velcro pic to journaling.. Something like that....Unless you used the ATG gun... That stick too good sometimes...LOL Hope your weeks been good.


inara said...

What a beautiful layout!